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Community Association Law

Community Association law is a core practice area for Daughtry & Farine, P.C. and we take great pride in delivering the highest quality of legal representation to our clients.  We have found the likelihood of reaching an amicable resolution with a homeowner, whether for the collection of delinquent maintenance assessments or deed restriction enforcement, is significantly higher if he or she deals with one of our attorneys or one of our highly experienced paralegals.

Our goal is to meet and exceed or clients’ expectations at every turn.  In furtherance of reaching that goal, we stress fostering an open and informed line of communication to ensure our clients are always up to date on the status of their Association.  In addition, we offer our clients an attorney’s attendance at a one-hour executive session of the Board of Directors each year, at no charge to the Association.  Another important aspect of our practice is that we refuse to represent individual homeowners in disputes against the Association unless residents are attempting to take control of a developer-controlled Board.


The following are a few services we provide to Community Associations:

  1. Assessment collection
  2. Deed Restriction enforcement
  3. Legal opinions
  4. Drafting and amending Declarations, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  5. Assistance at board meetings and membership meetings
  6. Review and draft contracts
  7. Construction defect litigation
  8. Architectural control assistance, including drafting Guidelines
  9. Title searches
  10. Legislative updates
  11. General advice and counsel


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Labor & Employment Law

Our firm is experienced in defending claims and lawsuits brought against businesses and employers. In today’s litigation climate, virtually all businesses or entities will at one time or another encounter claims and suits by current or former employees, or other individuals alleging violations of ever changing state and federal statutes.

We defend claims involving allegations of age discrimination, gender discrimination, race discrimination, national origin discrimination, religious discrimination or failure to provide a religious accommodation, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination or failure to reasonably accommodate a disability.

We also handle claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Texas Labor Code, including claims brought for wrongful retaliation for filing a workers compensation claim under Section 451.001 of the Texas Labor Code.

We have defended wage claims and actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state compensation laws, claims arising under leave of absence statutes, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, breach of employment contract lawsuits, including non-competition agreements, employment tort litigation such as claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, fraud, defamation and negligent hiring.

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Business Litigation

The attorneys at Daughtry & Farine, P.C. work tirelessly to resolve a wide range of business issues for our clients. Whether it involves breach of contract or employment disputes, our firm will work diligently advocating for your rights.

In addition to trial work, we also represent clients at the appellate level.  Much like the many other areas of law we practice, our attorneys emphasize approaching each case as a team and work collaboratively to reach our client’s desired outcome.

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Media and First Amendment Law

Daughtry & Farine’s Media and First Amendment Practice provides a full range of services to clients in both traditional media (such as broadcast and print) and new media businesses requiring assistance on First Amendment matters. Our extensive practice includes both litigation and counseling on a wide variety of media law and First Amendment issues, including defamation, privacy, news gathering, Freedom of Information Act, Texas Public Information Act, challenges to governmental and private regulations of speech, commercial speech, Internet, e-commerce advertising, and copyright.

We regularly advise the Firm’s business clients on commercial disputes raising these types of issues. We also perform appellate work on these issues of vital importance. Indeed, we have been directly involved in some prominent First Amendment appellate matters in recent years.

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Real Estate Law

Our firm is experienced in handling a wide array of real estate transactions. We represent owners and investors in a wide range of transactions, whether in landlord/tenant disputes, development and construction, partnerships, limited liability companies or other corporate litigation.

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As the civil litigation process has begun to place an increasing emphasis on alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys have excelled in both negotiation and mediation tactics. While emphasizing a collaborative and team approach to each case, our attorneys understand the value of having a command on all aspects of the mediation process.

In addition, attorney Chris Archambault is a certified mediator. With a strong foundation on the procedural requirements as well as a command on the litigation process that could follow an unsuccessful mediation, we focus on obtaining a cost-effective and favorable resolution for our clients.

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